Lecture Notes for CPS352: Database Systems

These notes are placed here primarily to assist students enrolled in the course; they are not intended as polished documents. All notes are copyright © Russell C. Bjork. Students enrolled in CPS352 may reproduce these notes for personal study; all other rights are reserved.

  1. Course Introduction; Fundamental DBMS Concepts
  2. The Relational Database Model; Relational Algebra
  3. Database Design: The Entity-Relationship Model
  4. SQL
  5. Relational Calculus;QBE
  6. Database Design and Normalization
  7. Database Application Development
  8. Complex Data Types; Support for OO
  9. Analytics
  10. File Structures
  11. Indexes
  12. Efficient Query Processing; Query Processing Optimization
  13. The Transaction Concept
  14. Concurrency
  15. Recovery
  16. Database System Architectures
  17. Map/Reduce Paradigm; NoSQL DBMS's